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One man's mission to curb illegal dumping of Texas frack waste

A Texas deputy sheriff has hauled nearly a dozen offenders to court this year for crimes including the illegal dumping of oil and gas waste.

Boom meets bust in Texas: Atop sea of oil, poverty digs in

It is the scene of one of the greatest oil booms the country has ever seen. But poverty endures in makeshift, barely governed communities called colonias, such as the one where Ms. Vargas shares her trailer with an ever-shifting assemblage of relatives.In Gardendale, Texas, the area, like the country, is a startling and incongruous mix of cascading wealth and crushing hardship. And though the boom has helped produce fortunes for some and comfortable lives for many, for others it exists within a rural landscape of unpaved streets without garbage pickup, where few dare to drink the tap water because it tastes and smells like chlorine.
It is a different kind of poverty than it was in 1928, this time surrounded by a buzz of industrial activity, not empty stretches of scrub grass.

Religious employers can refuse to pay for birth control coverage

Teaser: Women's issues are at the center of another Supreme Court ruling, and this time, the outcome has created a loophole in the new federal healthcare law.

What to do if your drinking water contains arsenic

Over 40 million Americans drink from private wells that haven't been tested for arsenic, which can cause a variety of cancers, heart disease and strokes. The Center for Public Integrity gathered data on more than 45,000 private wells from the United States Geological Survey and two states, Minnesota and Texas. Compared to other states, relatively few well readings were available in Pennsylvania. The only well in the study that was close to downtown Pittsburgh was a well on Davis Island that registered 50 parts of arsenic per billion, five times the EPA standard of 10 parts per billion.

Experts say law enforcement’s use of cellphone records can be inaccurate

Police commonly use cellphone records to prove a suspect’s proximity to a crime scene at a specific date and time. But if flawed data is never scrutinized, innocent people may go to jail.

There are 1,401 uninspected high-risk oil and gas wells. Here's where they are.

MotherJones identified all of the uninspected high-risk oil and gas wells on federal and Native American land from 2009 to 2012 that the federal government has failed to inspect.

States’ special education services face tighter oversight by the Obama administration

Pennsylvania stands among a minority of states that still meets federal requirements for the education of special-needs students after the standards were toughened this week.

Justices uphold emission limits on big industry

The Environmental Protection Agency will be able to regulate sources responsible for 83 percent of of greenhouse-gas emissions.

Drugs follow Eagle Ford energy boom

From the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas to the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, the growth of jobs and wealth that has come to these rural places as a result of the fracking boom has also brought increased crime and drug use.