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There are 1,401 uninspected high-risk oil and gas wells. Here's where they are.

MotherJones identified all of the uninspected high-risk oil and gas wells on federal and Native American land from 2009 to 2012 that the federal government has failed to inspect.

States’ special education services face tighter oversight by the Obama administration

Pennsylvania stands among a minority of states that still meets federal requirements for the education of special-needs students after the standards were toughened this week.

Justices uphold emission limits on big industry

The Environmental Protection Agency will be able to regulate sources responsible for 83 percent of of greenhouse-gas emissions.

Drugs follow Eagle Ford energy boom

From the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas to the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, the growth of jobs and wealth that has come to these rural places as a result of the fracking boom has also brought increased crime and drug use.

Past DOJ police edicts offer glimpse of Cleveland's future

The Justice Department’s investigation of police in Pittsburgh and other cities offers a view of what might happen in Cleveland in the wake of a controversial 2012 shooting of two unarmed people. In Pittsburgh, many in the community fear reforms are fading.

What will hundreds of water tests reveal about drilling in Texas?

Hundreds of water tests done by a Texas university could help paint a clearer picture of how natural gas drilling affects water supplies in Texas.

A new report shows nuclear weapons almost detonated in North Carolina in 1961

The United States came very close to detonating a nuclear bomb on its own soil. As an insurance policy against a surprise Soviet attack during the Cold War, the U.S. flew about a dozen B-52 bombers loaded with nuclear weapons around the clock.

Big Oil and Big Guns: Not so strange bedfellows

What do gun and hunting groups have to do with expanding drilling activities? Apparently enough for the oil and gas industry to donate millions of dollars, according to recent research.

When innocent people go to prison, states pay

Policies vary greatly on what states owe wrongly convicted inmates. Some states pay a set amount per year – but Pennsylvania pays nothing.