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Pa. has 2nd-most inmates serving life without parole

Though 15 states have higher murder rates, Pennsylvania has the second-largest population of inmates serving life without parole, second only to Florida.

NHL outlines plan to fight climate change

A first-of-its-kind report outlines what the National Hockey League needs to do to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Obama Gives Protection to Gay, Transgender Workers

One-fifth of the U.S. workforce will be impacted by the president's latest executive order regarding policies against workplace discrimination of the gay and transgender population.

Most senators wait to take e-filing leap

It costs taxpayers $500,000 each year because most U.S. senators don't want to electronically disclose their political donors. Currently, Senate employees scan the paper documents and send them to the Federal Election Commission where they pay a contractor to manually input the data.

When a North Country prison closes, what happens to the town?

With a state prison set to close, one New York town is losing a major economic driver. A similar sting was felt in Pennsylvania last year when the Department of Corrections announced the closing of prisons in Westmoreland and Cambria Counties.

Rikers: Where mental illness meets brutality in jail

A four-month investigation of Rikers Island by The New York Times revealed a culture of prison guard violence through first-hand accounts and secret documents. The Times documents a few of these savage beatings in the context that roughly 40 percent of the Rikers inmate population has some form of mental illness.

Lopsided lobbying on Keystone Pipeline

Are lobbying efforts meaningless with a do-nothing Congress?

The Koch Brothers v. Tom Steyer: Whose carbon footprint is bigger?

When it comes to carbon pollution, the big money funders of conservative and liberal causes both have bad scorecards.

Worshippers with disabilities search for acceptance

People with disabilities struggle to find places of worship that are accepting and accessible.