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City's low disability standards spur fears of litigation, fines

The city of Augusta, Ga., struggles to catch up to the 24-year-old standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the hopes that it can avoid a federal lawsuit.

How costs soared at the $4 billion train station for the World Trade Center

Designed by famous architect Santiago Calatrava, the new $4 billion Manhattan transportation hub suffered from administrative cost overruns and questionable oversight of private contractors.

Congress' to-do list looks as complicated as ever

House Republicans seek a strategic way to avoid another government shutdown, block President Obama's move to shield illegal immigrants from deportation and not cede spending power on other issues.

Few safeguards against abuse by homeless shelter guards

People who seek the safety of homeless shelters may have to deal with security guards who are not properly trained or monitored.

White House report: 'Lack of consistency' in law enforcement equipment programs

A White House review found a lack of training and structure in programs that give federal equipment to local law enforcement.

Ohio could pass the country's most extreme "secret executions" bill

A "secret executions" bill would make it difficult to know what occurs in the death chamber.

This is what Darren Wilson told the grand jury about shooting Michael Brown

See annotated testimony from police officer Darren Wilson about shooting teenager Michael Brown.

California’s longest-serving wrongfully convicted inmate is a free man

Crime scene DNA evidence didn’t match a California man who has served more than three decades of a life term for a 1978 killing.

Can Whole Foods change the way poor people eat?

A national grocery store chain known for its premium food and prices takes on hunger, health and racism in one of the country's poorest cities.