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Waiting for the 8th

There's no box-office glory for the hunger games happening because of historic cuts in the nation's food stamp program.

Breaking the silence

A Baltimore Sun investigation sheds light on 'the other' military sexual assault victims: men.

Newtown's year: Horror, grief and tough choices

It's been a painful, frenetic year for Newtown survivors and families.

Invisible Child

An 11-year-old girl living with her seven siblings and their troubled parents in a dingy room of a New York City homeless shelter provides a glimpse into the lives of the city's 22,000 homeless children.

The most notable education stories of 2013

Cyber-bullying, Teach for America, Steubenville and "soft skills" and more.

The death dealer

After a disastrous self-help retreat gone wrong landed him in prison two years ago, James Arthur Ray is out and back on TV. Now, many are asking: Do self-help programs deserve deeper scrutiny?

Documents: Industry privately skeptical of shale gas

The New York Times analyzed thousands of industry emails, government documents and analysts reports. Some show the gap in thinking about the economics of shale production, with one email calling the U.S. shale gas production a Ponzi Scheme.

Who's really cashing in on the fracking boom

Gas drillers are still trying to sell the public on fracking even as natural gas prices for residential homes are set to rise this winter.

Male and female brains really are built differently

University of Pennsylvania scientists find physical differences in 'grey matter' among the sexes.