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One year, one city

A year after the Boston Marathon bombing, participants return for an historic photograph.

There are 10 times more mentally ill people behind bars than in state hospitals

A new report likens the current treatment of people with mental illnesses in the U.S. to the 18th century.

How the rich and poor spend money today—and 30 years ago

Difficult economic times lead to changes in the ways that we spend our money. The Atlantic takes a 30-year look at the differences between how the top earners and the bottom earners divvy up their income.

Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming, researchers say

The way we all read, focus and retain information is changing because of the devices we read on.

Tax preparers targeting poor with high fees

In the last-minute rush of tax season, be wary of who prepares your taxes.

GM recall: Many victims were young drivers

Cheaper, smaller cars can be great starter vehicles for young drivers. But some GM models do more harm than good.

Fewer helmets, more deaths

States with weakened helmet laws, including Pennsylvania, have more deaths from motorcycle accidents.More states are being pressured to repeal their universal motorcycle helmet laws. But when those laws are changed, the number of fatalities starts to rise immediately.

Pentagon overhauls effort to identify its missing

The U.S. government is changing its way of finding missing soldiers from past wars.

CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

The impact of waterboarding and beatings to uncover information from prisoners may have been purposely exaggerated.