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The Cost of Life

Egg donors stand to earn thousands of dollars while helping to give the gift of a child, but this firsthand account shows the unnerving and potentially unsafe process the donors experience.

From a diverse group of judges, a unanimous opinion on same-sex marriage

In Pennsylvania, U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III said he kept all 12 of the previous opinions by other federal courts on his desk when deciding his case.

High court bars rigid IQ cutoff for executions

States can no longer use a strict IQ-score cutoff to say when an inmate can be sentenced to die, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, clarifying a 2002 decision forbidding the execution of mentally disabled offenders.

At EPA, it’s get sued, then crack down

People close to the agency say the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency routinely waits to get sued or for the threat of a lawsuit before passing policies.

Corbett lifts moratorium on gas leasing of state park and forest land

Late last Friday, Gov. Tom Corbett issued an executive order to allow companies to extract gas underneath public lands using horizontal wells on adjacent private property.

Koch vs. Koch: The brutal battle that tore apart America's most powerful family

A book excerpt describes the infighting among the four Koch brothers and how the fracturing of a family changed the direction of Koch Industries, now one of the largest corporations in the world.

As court fees rise, the poor are paying the price

NPR takes a look at the disparity in sentencing between those who can pay court fees and those who can't.

Chinese military unit charged with cyber-espionage against U.S. firms

The federal government is accusing Chinese government employees of conspiring to steal trade secrets from some of western Pennsylvania’s biggest companies.

Glass ceilings in statehouses in the Northeast

Will the Democratic Party break its pattern by electing a female governor in Pennsylvania?