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The death dealer

After a disastrous self-help retreat gone wrong landed him in prison two years ago, James Arthur Ray is out and back on TV. Now, many are asking: Do self-help programs deserve deeper scrutiny?

Documents: Industry privately skeptical of shale gas

The New York Times analyzed thousands of industry emails, government documents and analysts reports. Some show the gap in thinking about the economics of shale production, with one email calling the U.S. shale gas production a Ponzi Scheme.

Who's really cashing in on the fracking boom

Gas drillers are still trying to sell the public on fracking even as natural gas prices for residential homes are set to rise this winter.

Male and female brains really are built differently

University of Pennsylvania scientists find physical differences in 'grey matter' among the sexes.

Health care, American style

An Australian doctor gets a first-hand look at American healthcare.

Oversight of nursing home trust funds limited

Pennsylvania requires background checks on nursing home office workers who manage residents' funds, but the state does not require audits on those accounts to monitor theft.

Ukraine's illegal coal mines lure desperate workers

No jobs, plenty of coal lure the desperate workers.

Marcellus goliath transforms region to gas trade: Energy markets

The shale boom has triggered big changes in little places across Pennsylvania.

Charts: The short, stuffed life of a factory-farmed turkey

Just in time for the holidays, check out these infographics about America's beloved dish: the turkey.