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Michigan landfill taking other states' radioactive fracking waste

Radioactive sludge from fracking operations in Pennsylvania is making its way to Michigan dumps.

Buying Main Street: Billionaires swamp local races

Instead of focusing on a gridlocked Congress as an agent for social change, some large, influential donors have begun to focus on state and local races. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, industrialists Charles and David Koch and environmentalist Tom Steyer have all contributed to local races. Steyer's NextGen Climate Action Committee has run ads in Pennsylvania opposing Gov. Tom Corbett's re-election campaign.

Mass., N.H. crack down on ‘synthetic marijuana’

Synthetic marijuana has been blamed in recent overdoses that have sickened dozens of people. As authorities crack down, manufacturers change formulas to elude the law.  

Entrepreneurship the answer for some with autism

Autism, which affects communication and comprehension, can make it difficult to find and keep a job. Instead of settling for low-skill jobs, some autistic adults are starting their own businesses with the help of family and mentors.

Now arriving at Pittsburgh International: Fracking

The discovery of natural gas beneath the Pittsburgh International Airport could be a financial boon for the indebted airport. It could earn approximately $20 million in gas royalties once fracking begins in earnest.

Why is the Cuomo administration automatically deleting state employees’ emails?

Despite having 50 gigabytes of space for each employee and unlimited space for email archiving, New York is automatically deleting state employees' emails unless they're put in a special folder. The state created a 118-page document that specifies 215 categories of emails that should be kept. However, there is no internal or external watchdog to make sure these guidelines are being followed.

Government disability payments skyrocketing despite fewer veterans

Recent wars are leaving veterans with more severe injuries and the country with a bigger bill.

The number of states controlled by one party is the highest in 50 years ​

The recent history of state legislative elections can be summarized with one word: homogeneity.

In rush to find lethal injection drug, prison officials turned to a hospital

The state of Louisiana had an upcoming execution. But the Department of Corrections was missing a drug needed to carry it out, so the department turned to a hospital that unknowingly supplied the hydromorphone.