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Ohio could pass the country's most extreme "secret executions" bill

A "secret executions" bill would make it difficult to know what occurs in the death chamber.

This is what Darren Wilson told the grand jury about shooting Michael Brown

See annotated testimony from police officer Darren Wilson about shooting teenager Michael Brown.

California’s longest-serving wrongfully convicted inmate is a free man

Crime scene DNA evidence didn’t match a California man who has served more than three decades of a life term for a 1978 killing.

Can Whole Foods change the way poor people eat?

A national grocery store chain known for its premium food and prices takes on hunger, health and racism in one of the country's poorest cities.

Landrieu Tries to Gather Enough Votes on Keystone Pipeline

Though Senator Mary L. Landrieu got her colleagues to agree on holding a vote that would expedite approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, the vote may not help her hold her seat in petroleum-producing Louisiana.

States and schools with most and least student debt — in six charts

Pennsylvania college graduates have third-highest average debt from student loans in the country.

The best last choice: Loretta Lynch wasn’t Obama’s top pick

Lynch got the nomination through process of elimination and a good job interview.

How the GOP used Twitter to stretch election laws

Twitter accounts that may have been used to share internal polling data from campaigns with super PACs, which are supposed to be independent organizations, were deleted the day before the election, just after CNN began inquiring about the accounts.

Republicans vow to fight E.P.A. and approve Keystone Pipeline

Though Republicans do not have the votes to repeal E.P.A. regulations regarding the Keystone Pipeline, they say they will use their new powers to undermine the agency by delaying the regulations as long as possible and calling for cuts in its funding.