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U.S. government unveils goal to move Medicare away from fee-for-service

A new federal mandate will change how Medicare pays doctors. Their compensation will depend more on the health outcomes of the elderly and disabled patients in the program.

Global warming could make blizzards worse

An article that explores the science behind how global warming may fuel extreme winter storms.

After Ferguson, police consider 'tactical retreat' instead of force in certain cases

Police respond to aggression with force. Should they sometimes retreat?

7 Reproductive Rights Issues to Watch in 2015

A myriad of agenda changes regarding reproductive rights could surface with Republicans in the majority in Congress and a number of state legislatures.

Heat wave, or a heat tsunami? 2014 set the record

2014 was officially the hottest year on record.


New privacy concerns over government's health care website

Data connections to outside vendors are raising questions about whether or not consumers' personal data entered into is really secure. There's been no evidence of misuse, but the availability of the data creates a potential risk for consumers.

The troubling rise of SWAT teams

Should SWAT teams be demolishing houses to serve warrants?

The often-repeated claim that 1,800 college students die from ‘alcohol-related causes’

Yes, binge drinking is a problem on college campuses, but The Washington Post finds that there are significant errors in how the media and politicians have quantified the problem over the years.

Obama to call for new methane regulation in State of the Union address

Likely looking to cement his climate change legacy, the president will reveal a new plan to cut methane emissions from America's oil and gas industry.