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Pennsylvania governor faces an uphill battle for a second term

Is it personality, stance on drilling, cuts to education? What marks Corbett as the incumbent governor most likely to say goodbye in mid-term elections? 

Obama's DEA chief refuses to support drug sentencing reforms

Top drug enforcement official breaks with Attorney General Eric Holder on campaign to reduce drug sentences.

The wealthy’s premium medical care is now available on your phone

With the rapidly changing environment of health care in the United States, new services are cropping up to help people take advantage of the medical coverage they have, like this San Francisco startup whose iPhone app now makes premium health-care services available to more than just the wealthiest Americans.

For Justices, free speech often means ‘speech I agree with’

Study finds justices' behavior regarding free speech affected by ideological preferences

Prayer acceptable at town council meetings, Supreme Court says

The separation of church and state got a bit thinner this week.

“Oklahoma is burning”: Heat ignites temperature records, wildfires in Southern Plains

Unprecedented, record-breaking temperatures stoked multiple wildfires in Oklahoma.

Supreme Court upholds EPA cross-state air pollution rule

The Supreme Court has ruled to keep a federal regulation requiring ome states to limit air pollution that causes bad air in other states. Pollution has been found to drift from coal fired power plants in the Midwest into Pennsylvania and other eastern states.

Three Mile Island, and nuclear hopes and fears

More than 30 years after the disaster at Pennsylvania's Three
Mile Island, is America ready to embrace nuclear again?

Supreme Court taking up police searches of data troves known as cellphones

Cellphones often hold the contact information for everyone you know, photos, emails and passwords, and if you get nabbed for even a minor offense, police could access it all.