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Military brass, behaving badly: Files detail a spate of misconduct dogging armed forces

Military leaders were preaching zero tolerance for certain misdeeds while being investigated for bad behavior themselves.

Prominent scientist suing climate change deniers for libel

A Penn State climatologist said he was defamed by conservative groups who accused him of manipulating climate change data.

Circle of trust broken

Rebuilding public trust in the juvenile-justice system, years after the 'Kids for Cash' scandal rocked a Northeastern Pennsylvania county.

No accounting for what charities ship overseas

A year-long investigation from the Center for investigative reporting shows the many ways charities lie. This piece looks at charities that buy goods, overvalue them and ship them overseas.

This is Daniel Pearl's final story

The author spent a decade chasing the killer of her friend and colleague, journalist Daniel Pearl.

Grantland offers two sides on divisive article about transgender inventor who killed herself

Grantland -- a sports and pop culture magazine owned by ESPN -- offers
two sides on an article about a transgender inventor who killed herself.

Drugs, death, neglect: Behind the scenes at Animal Planet

A Mother Jones investigation may make you think twice before flipping the channel to watch your favorite four-legged friends.

Acid mine drainage reduces radioactivity in fracking waste

A hefty amount of the radioactivity in fracking wastewater could be removed by blending it with acid mine drainage, according to a new study from Duke University.

Barred Care

For some, life behind bars means better access to mental health care because of years of budget cuts, reports The Texas Observer.