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Tracking frackers from the sky

With a lack of state data, researchers looking at potential health effects from fracking have turned to a small nonprofit that analyzes satellite images of drilling sites.

California’s strawberry industry is hooked on dangerous pesticides

Growing strawberries is a $2.6 billion industry in California and for years growers have been using pesticides linked to cancer, developmental problems and ozone depletion.

$50-Million gift to ACLU provides jolt for criminal-justice overhaul

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations continues the fight for criminal justice reform with a big gift to the ACLU.

On Kindness: My mother is sick

Racism and terminal illness intersect in this personal essay about a biracial man whose progressive-minded mother is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Here is your first $100 million Senate race

Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis, the two candidates for North Carolina's Senate seat, have spent a combined $111 million in this election cycle.

What happens today in these four races could help determine our next President

The effects of four secretary of state races will likely impact elections in November 2016. iVote, a group that is targeting secretary of state races in four key battleground states, is running ads that feature candidates seeking to expand voting rights and those pledging to do the opposite.

Brittany Maynard and the challenge of dying with dignity

A young woman's choice to die before a brain tumor ravaged her body has reignited the debate about patient rights and the responsibilities of doctors.

Why a conservative billionaire is backing criminal justice reform in California

One California billionaire finds himself joining ranks with George Soros and other strange allies in the fight for prison reform.

Pragmatism on climate change trumps politics at local level across U.S.

In parts of the country where the effects of Climate Change are increasingly affecting residents, realism is surpassing politics, with candidates and elected officials now embracing the issue.