Join us for an event

Join us from 3-5 p.m. July 31 at the Bible Center Church in Homewood for an afternoon of solidarity and community as storytellers and performers from around the city come together to share their experiences with neighborhood violence and healing. 

Elementary students protest neighborhood violence

Feb. 17, 2016: In an effort to raise awareness of community violence, students at Pittsburgh Lincoln elementary school held an outdoor rally and peace march on Wednesday morning.

The event was organized by students in grades 3-5 as part of their project-based learning curriculum; the students voted to focus efforts on crime in their neighborhoods and police brutality.

At the event, students spoke and sang, sharing the message that crime and violence won’t be tolerated. With a police escort, the students marched with signs around the Larimer neighborhood

Police push community outreach, revised anti-violence strategy

Pittsburgh’s black communities have for years complained about city police treating them with disrespect and, sometimes, outright brutality. A city initiative to reduce violence stalled, even as homicides spiked and police failed to solve roughly half of all killings — many involving young black men.

So police are trying again. The bureau is actively courting community support, bolstered by federal assistance and the relaunch of the city’s anti-violence intervention program.