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Pennsylvania's liquor law reformers, having all but given up on a dismantling of the state-run retail liquor monopoly in the current legislative term, are turning to a series of smaller goals for the few, election-season voting days left in the 2013-14 session.

One of the ideas being considered upon lawmakers' return in September would legalize something that likely happens in Pennsylvania's border areas now - in violation of current state law - every day.

It’s no secret that while Pittsburgh may be one of the country’s most livable cities, it isn’t necessarily the most drivable.

A report released this week by auto insurance giant Allstate reveals the Steel City may be populated by some of the worst drivers in the country.

Renee Wilson Gray has memories of the police officer who lived three doors down from her childhood house in Homewood.

"They cared about the community they were policing, because it was their community," she says. "They knew who was the bad apples and they knew who was the good apples."

Gray was a teenager in 1975, the year a federal judge mandated the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police hire black and white officers in equal numbers, a response to charges of racial discrimination in hiring.

A billionaire climate activist is putting big bucks into a campaign to defeat Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.

Northampton County authorities on Tuesday said a couple facing charges that they let their 6-year-old girl's teeth rot are being investigated in the deaths of three of their children going back to 2007, including two stillborns and a baby boy.

Carbondale officials violated state law when they encouraged four city police officers to retire last year by sweetening their pension benefits, state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale charges in a new audit report.

The police department recently introduced a new crime fighting tool that allows the public to track criminal activity neighborhood by neighborhood.

It isn't often that lawmakers spend years shepherding legislation they know will likely not be enforced.

The visible blanket of smoke from our steel days may have dissipated, but our region’s air continues to rank among the worst in the nation.


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