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A recently released report from the National Council on Teacher Quality lists Pittsburgh Public Schools' ability to work with the local teachers union as a critical component in improving teacher quality.

A proposal by the state Department of Environmental Protection to increase by around $1,800 the permit fee to drill an unconventional natural gas well is in the final review stages after it was approved by a regulatory oversight board this month.

Wolf vs. Corbett — will it get ugly?

Following the release of national reports on climate change, Allegheny County Health Department officials are examining how best to prepare for the changes they say are imminent over the coming decades.

The legislative arm of the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania on Tuesday decried a federal judge's ruling striking down the state's ban on gay marriage as a redefinition of God's law.

"What we're trying to do is to take a history that's not just a gay history, but it's a Pittsburgh history. It's a Pittsburgh history of gayness; you just can't separate the two."

Over 30 years have passed since the city's iconic steel mills began to shut down, and the Pittsburgh of today has been that long in the making. A combination of factors, including collaboration across industries, a willingness to change and a keen awareness of creating a good quality of life for citizens, have turned a one-industry town into a city of opportunity.

Under the well-known 1963 Gideon ruling, indigent defendants in criminal cases are entitled to legal representation even if they can’t afford it. But no such legal requirement exists in civil cases, such as foreclosure proceedings and child custody cases.

(Harrisburg) – A federal agency’s proposed water regulations has some farmers, construction managers, and business owners fuming. But it’s not completely clear how the regulation would be enforced.


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