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New data shows many Advanced Placement tests in Pennsylvania are almost exclusively taken by white and Asian students.

In 2008, just one Hispanic student sat for the AP Computer Science test, compared to 181 white students.

Highmark Inc., Pennsylvania's largest health insurance company, has signed 46 percent of the state's Obamacare enrollments so far.

The Pittsburgh insurer announced Tuesday that 37,132 customers as of Monday had purchased health coverage on the federal marketplace and were receiving coverage as of Jan. 1.

The federal government is toughening limits on how much storm water can enter rivers and lakes.

Last year ended on a high note for U.S. employment, with December ticking off 238,000 new private-sector jobs, topping the previous month for the best showing of 2013, according to the latest data from the ADP National Employment Report.

The city of Erie's chief lawyer said today he is considering whether to appeal a state Commonwealth Court ruling that struck down a 38-year-old city ordinance that had banned firearms in city parks.

The Corbett administration has signaled that any big changes to the Pennsylvania Lottery are likely to come from working with the state Legislature. Now, Senate Democrats are trying to wade into the negotiations.

Pennsylvanians looking for more one-on-one help enrolling in a health-insurance plan through the Affordable Care Act will get their wish.

So will 2014 -- unlike 2013 and all the years before it -- be when Pennsylvania moves out of the liquor system?

A few weeks ago, Jeralyn Beach got an email asking whether she could take 40,000 pounds of stage-two bananas. She knew it would stretch her staff: They had to be picked up in Philadelphia within 24 hours, weighed, cataloged and coordinated with local pantries that could get them into their clients' stomachs before reaching stage seven, the last gasp of the fruit's mushy demise.


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