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The state’s top fiscal watchdog says job-creation programs need more accountability to ensure taxpayers are getting the best bang for their buck.

Penn State University today is expected to begin notifying its board of trustees and the public of a special meeting Monday that’s sought by alumni-elected trustees seeking to persuade the school to join a lawsuit against the NCAA.

For decades, generic prescription drugs have been considered the bargains of the pharmaceutical world. An industry group says Americans have saved more than $1.5 trillion in the past 10 years on brand name drugs, thanks to generics. But in recent months, prices on some of the most popular drugs have soared, and experts are trying to figure out why.

Gov.-elect Tom Wolf announced Wednesday afternoon several key staff members that will join him in the Office of the Governor.

At Pennsylvania's Capitol this week, workers set up an outdoor sound system for holiday music. Inside, tourists traipse through the Rotunda snapping selfies with the giant Christmas tree.

It seemed innocuous enough. Wearing a dark-blue tank top and backward baseball cap, Jordan Miles is raising his arms up to his head and flexing his biceps, grinning through a patchy beard and mustache. His father, grasping a cup in his left hand, is standing in the background in an identical stance.

State lawmakers are spending the next month getting ready for the new legislative session beginning this month, lining up committee assignments and preparing the proposals they’ll introduce.

When Christopher Brown first became interested in photographing people who lived on the streets of Philadelphia, he wrote down a list of images he wanted to capture: relationships, loneliness, shelters, addiction, technology, pets, and keepsakes. But after having a few conversations over a cigarette or two with the people he met, Brown quickly realized he needed to scrap the list.

Anyone hesitant to take someone overdosing on heroin to the hospital or cooperate with the police for fear of arrest will now be immune to prosecution on drug use or possession charges.


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