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Last week, Joanne Wagner got what —for her—is good news.

The drilling company Range Resources withdrew its application to drill near her childrens’ school in Washington County, Pennsylvania. The company already developed one well nearby. The latest plan would have added three more.

ICYMI, 2015 might be the year our lawmakers drag Pennsylvania out of the Prohibition era and let us buy beer and wine at the same time we buy groceries. Or maybe it’ll be the year that the state takes away the PPA’s right to control ridesharing. Also there are strong hints medical marijuana will become a thing in 2015. But there are better ways to make the things you want to happen become a reality in this state.

Billy Penn picked 11 pending bills millennials will probably care about this year. Below, you can find the bill, what it would do and information about how to support them or oppose it.

Gov. Tom Wolf's picks for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court have a clear path to confirmation even if the governor's Cabinet appointees face less certain futures.

Since court appointments require a two-thirds vote by the Senate -- meaning a majority of Republicans and at least a few Democrats, as well -- the process is always rife with backroom politicking.

While energy companies push to build new pipelines to transport natural gas, many landowners are becoming concerned. The Nexus pipeline would run 250 miles from gas wells in southeast Ohio through Michigan to Canada, and it’s drawing opposition from landowners concerned about their safety and property rights.

Nestled into a hillside not far from the Schenley Bridge, the Bellefield Boiler Plant provides steam heat to most of Oakland’s major institutions.

Tom Wolf rode to victory as Pennsylvania's new governor on a wave of anger over school funding cuts and his promise to make education a priority.

But local school officials, in the throes of budget season, aren't exactly dreaming of dollar signs.

Instead, they are acting as though Tom Corbett were still in office, readying 2015-16 budgets that continue to anticipate flat state funding, tax hikes and more dipping into cash reserves.

Though the Pittsburgh Promise scholarship can pay eligible students from the Pittsburgh Public School District up to $40,000 for in-state college or technical training, its original, primary goal was to lure families with school-aged children into the city to increase the tax base.

“In the seven weeks since police in Delaware County have been equipped with Naloxone, or Narcan, 14 overdose victims have been revived,” said Delaware County Councilman Michael Culp at a Wednesday morning meetings.

An explainer about why the water used in fracking oil and natural gas from the ground is radioactive. And just where does that dirty, salty waste water go? It's fracking amazing.


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