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The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has again delayed the hearings regarding Hilcorp Energy Co.’s application for well spacing units — also known as “forced pooling” — on a 3,267-acre tract of land in Lawrence and Mercer counties, also called the Pulaski Accumulation.

It’s a complicated story.

After entrapping towing contractor Leo Glodzik III in a "bogus" theft case last year, the FBI sought his help to uncover possible wrongdoing by Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton, city police officers and other municipal officials, an attorney for Glodzik said in court papers filed Wednesday.

The execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma last week lasted over 43 minutes.  Witnesses in the viewing chamber saw Lockett writhe and groan on the gurney, after he was administered with the sedative midazolam.  The execution was stopped and Clayton Lockett was eventually declared dead of a heart attack.  As states have scrambled to access supplies of death penalty drugs from secret sources, they’ve faced numerous legal challenges.  But the botched death of Clayton Lockett has sparked international consternation.

Penn State is in line to receive $229.7 million in state subsidies this year, according to Gov. Tom Corbett’s budget.

Everyone should have access to safe shelter, but as you walk down the streets in Philadelphia and Reading, Pa., you know not everyone has his or her own bed to claim as their own at night.

Thousands of nonviolent drug offenders serving time in federal prison could be eligible to apply for early release under new clemency guidelines announced Wednesday by the Justice Department.

LIMERICK — The Exelon nuclear plant has been given two more years to make a crucial upgrade to the reactor buildings intended to prevent explosions like those that occurred during the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

FARMINGTON – Rousing painful memories from a painful winter, Gov. Tom Corbett elicited a shiver throughout the audience.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- Federal mining regulators today announced a new coal mine dust rule aimed at reducing miner exposure and reversing a trend that shows black lung disease rates among miners doubling since 1997.


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