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Costly overtime shifts filling gaps at county-owned nursing homes

The potential for patient harm exists when nursing staff work long hours in these physically demanding jobs.

Tens of millions in overtime paid to city public safety personnel

The excessive overtime pay stems from a lack of workforce planning by the city and understaffing in the police, fire and emergency medical services bureaus.

In Pittsburgh, neighborhood violence lives next door to prosperity

Part of the project: The aftermath of murder

There are few connections between black and white areas in Pittsburgh. On one side of a neighborhood boundary is seemingly endless violence, while safety and security live on the other.

Map: Pittsburgh's solved and unsolved murders

Part of the project: The aftermath of murder

PublicSource plotted every murder in the city of Pittsburgh from 2010 through 2015. Using arrest data recently made available by the Bureau of Police, we have illustrated the gulf in murders and arrests. Using disposition data from the Allegheny County District Court, we have tracked each case to verdict and illustrated when those prosecutions fail.

Video: For two sisters, life in the aftermath of their sons' killings

Part of the project: The aftermath of murder

Two mothers — sisters Monica Hawkins and Wynona Hawkins-Harper — reflect on the unsolved murders of their respective sons, Donté Hawkins and Jamar Hawkins.

Pittsburgh’s repeating tragedy of unsolved black homicides

Part of the project: The aftermath of murder

In six years, Pittsburgh police have solved only half the murders in the city. Black families, who bear the brunt of those deaths, say that’s not enough.

No money, no police force

Small towns are dissolving their police departments in greater numbers, and the borough of Wilkinsburg is the latest to consider it.


Top oil train stories from 2015

In 2013, an unmanned train carrying fracked American crude oil ran off the rails in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, incinerating the center of the tiny Canadian town and killing 47 people — most of whom were burnt to the point that their bodies were only identifiable by DNA and dental records.

The top PublicSource stories of 2015

Impact, new information, a first-time look at data, diving deep to explain the complex. All these things constitute the in-depth journalism of PublicSource.

What’s in store for Pittsburgh’s downtown?

Famous urban design firm doing survey, making recommendations, has done remakes from Times Square to Melbourne.

A growing number of Millennials shun religion

Part of the project: #generation

The generation’s shift away from faith raises questions about values and the business of church.

Critics fault new highway law for concessions to trucking industry

Public truck safety ratings will be removed, and younger drivers will be allowed to drive big rigs.


Fair forfeiture or the drug dealer’s ‘bill of rights?’

Reform advocates say Allegheny County’s policy to seize assets only after a conviction could show the way for the state.

Big trucks, big bucks

Heavy-spending trucking industry pushes Congress to relax safety rules.

Can Pennsylvania officials do more to address crude oil train safety?

Other states with heavy crude-by-rail traffic have passed various laws to address safety. Pennsylvania legislators have not.


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