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PA schools aren’t required to test for lead or radon, so many Pittsburgh-area districts don’t

Environment PublicSource filed open record requests with Pittsburgh Public Schools and the 10 Allegheny County school districts to determine which districts are  testing for environmental toxins, how often, and what steps they’re taking to correct problems.

Will mom and dad be deported? Pittsburgh immigrants, especially the youth, fear the worst after Trump win.

Back in Mexico, Maria Antonio and her husband owned a grocery store. Here, because they crossed the border illegally 13 years ago, they can’t even get driver’s licenses.

Chris Wallace was shot 14 times. He wants others to learn from his struggle.

Public safety The pain of 14 bullets hitting your body is like having a pot of hot grits dumped over your torso. Or like someone covering your body in gasoline and lighting a match.

We hear more about homicides, but gun suicides outnumber murders in Pennsylvania

Public safety Suicides account for nearly two-thirds of the state’s gun deaths, largely in towns like Greensburg and the surrounding rural areas. Eighty-five percent of these suicide victims are white men.

Gun violence is a public health crisis in Pittsburgh. Why hasn’t it been solved?

Public safety Thousands of shots are fired every year in Pittsburgh. The bullets fly from handguns and assault weapons, echoing past houses and schools. And the city's black communities experience an unequal share of the resulting chaos and trauma.

My son was killed by gun violence. I don’t want other mothers to feel that pain.

Public safety My son was killed Jan. 20, 2014. I used to go every 20th of the month and stand where I’d seen my son lay, until I was OK.

Pittsburgh gun crimes: How close to your home are they?

Part of the project: The aftermath of murder

I’m black. My parents are white. But it’s not a simple black-and-white issue.

diversity I was raised in Wilkinsburg. And my parents are white. I point out their skin color as different than mine often, and it matters. Don't get me wrong. I am a huge fan of interracial relationships of all kinds, but what I have learned is that the depth of all relationships that cross racial lines rely on true love, the flexibility for growth, deep education and mutual respect.

In transracial adoptions, differences should be embraced—not ignored

diversity In 2012, 916 of the 1,941 children the Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange Council served were black, while only 6 percent of adoptive families were black, which means that sometimes, white families adopt black children, and, in doing so, begin building their families through transracial adoption.

Here’s what it’s like to be an immigrant and move to Pittsburgh on a work visa

diversity Living in America on a work visa, especially as a single mom, as Angélica Ocampo, president and CEO of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh attests, is living in uncertainty. Your life hanging on a thread, “that any day you could be three weeks away from a plane back to your home country.”

There are ways to end the school-to-prison pipeline. Child advocates offer solutions in Pittsburgh.

Overlooked communities Child advocates at a Pittsburgh event said arrests of students of color, LGBTQ youth, homeless students and students with disabilities must stop.

What it was like to become the first black female commander for the Pittsburgh police

diversity Gwendolyn Elliott started off as little more than a nuisance to her fellow Pittsburgh patrol officers.

The Pittsburgh police force has gone through a ‘rewhitening.’ Find out what the city is doing to recruit minority officers.

diversity Today, the bureau is predominantly white and male. The agency has struggled for years to become diverse again and mirror the breakdown of the city’s population.

How institutions and society fail Pittsburgh's black girls

diversity Troubling data is revealed in a new report funded by the FISA Foundation and The Heinz Endowments on the unequal struggle facing black girls in the Pittsburgh area.


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