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drainage from the Clyde Mine

DEP’s testing methods for radiation in a PA creek questioned

Concerns about the environment and public health have not been quelled by the state environmental agency or by radiation results from university researchers.

One professional’s fight with stigma, denial and opioid painkillers

Part of the project: Heroin: Riding the Rush

How public judgment hurts recovery and how professionals can get help.

At least 1.1 million Pennsylvania homes lack Internet access

Costs and difficulties governing competition among Internet providers pose barriers to the great equalizer.

As bicycle commuting rises, so does danger of pedaling by trucks

Safety advocates say a simple truck retrofit could start saving bicyclists’ lives immediately, but there’s no state or federal push to make the reform.

Millennials are buying homes later, but still want a place of their own

Part of the project: #generation

The lingering fallout from the economic recession, and social trends of delaying marriage and children, has left Millennials struggling to take the first step on the property ladder.

Two men. One coal-ash dump. No answers.

Inmates at a state prison in LaBelle, Fayette County, and town residents believe a coal ash dump has made them sick.

Jesse James and sister

Prison release rarely an option for dying state inmates

Only nine terminally ill inmates have been released from Pennsylvania state prisons since 2010. Advocates think the law is too strict and confusing.

PA group takes first steps to protect seniors

An advisory council moves quickly to implement initial measures to benefit seniors in the courts and financial matters.

DEP to investigate creek near mine discharge for radioactivity

The agency will seek an answer to whether Ten Mile Creek has been contaminated because of shale gas drilling; the risk to the public is unknown.

Tax Calculator: Comparing the House Republicans’ tax plan with Wolf’s

With billions of tax dollars at stake, how the state chooses to implement property tax relief will have wide-reaching implications.

Hepatitis C: Cost in the way of a cure

Public and private health plans reserve expensive hepatitis C medications for patients with severe liver damage, leaving those in early stages of the disease with the festering virus.

Millennials wanted as Boomers expected to leave a crater in the job market

Part of the project: #generation

The Pittsburgh area is attracting many highly educated Millennials, but what the region needs are younger people willing to look at manufacturing jobs.

PA law prohibits needle exchanges that can save lives

Part of the project: Heroin: Riding the Rush

Trouble getting clean needles means spikes in HIV and hepatitis C. But Allegheny County and Philadelphia ignore the law.

Mara Sweterlitsch

People with speech disabilities, their advocates relieved by proposed policy

Medicare’s proposed coverage policy for speech-generating devices includes text messaging, email and phone capabilities, signaling an about-face from its position last year.

8 facts about the shale gas industry’s air pollution

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection recently released data on air emissions from the shale gas industry in 2013.

PublicSource looked into the data and built a series of interactive charts so you can more easily explore the information.


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