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What does a state attorney general actually do?

Most former PA attorneys general have been criminal prosecutors. But the AG’s office does so much more.

PA is losing OB units, making care for pregnant women tough to reach

Pennsylvania hospitals are shuttering obstetric units amid rising costs and a declining birth rate, leaving some families with long commutes and few options.

For minority artists in Pittsburgh, race plays a factor in the hunt for funding

Artists of minority populations aren’t getting the same funding and opportunities as white artists. Grantmakers and cultural organizations are developing programs to address the disparity.

Barriers to breastfeeding persist despite education efforts

Even women dedicated to nursing their babies oftentimes must overcome a lack of family support as well as a dearth of policies in place to protect them at work.

Pressure to plead?

Murder defendants risk life imprisonment at trial. But prosecutors routinely offer less punishment if defendants admit to killings without ever facing a jury.

When the fracking boom goes bust

The massive slowdown in Pennsylvania's once-booming drilling industry is taking many local businesses down with it.

Many ex-felons don’t know they can get their right to vote restored

Pennsylvania felons can’t vote while incarcerated, but their voting rights are automatically restored upon release.

Drone technology, popularity outpaces regulations

Unmanned aircraft with capabilities to take video and explore any terrain have captured the attention of many Americans, for personal and professional reasons. But the rules and processes for flying them aren’t keeping up.

Lead detected in Pittsburgh’s drinking water on the rise since 1999

The city is in compliance with federal guidelines, but barely made the cut the last time it tested in 2013. The local water authority will conduct another round of lead tests this summer.

Inside the fight to frack Penn Township

Part of the project: Clearing the Air

New communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania are still experiencing the ups and downs that occur when fracking comes to town, even though gas prices have declined.

Roadblocks remain for autonomous cars

Self-driving cars are coming, but they’re not ready for Pittsburgh yet.

Resident groups continue years-long fight against violence

Part of the project: The aftermath of murder

For some, reaching at-risk youth is a personal responsibility.

Police push community outreach, revised anti-violence strategy

Part of the project: The aftermath of murder

Other departments have found methods to solve more murders and to reduce violence. Can Pittsburgh?

Costly overtime shifts filling gaps at county-owned nursing homes

The potential for patient harm exists when nursing staff work long hours in these physically demanding jobs.

Tens of millions in overtime paid to city public safety personnel

The excessive overtime pay stems from a lack of workforce planning by the city and understaffing in the police, fire and emergency medical services bureaus.


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