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There are ways to end the school-to-prison pipeline. Child advocates offer solutions in Pittsburgh.

Overlooked communities Child advocates at a Pittsburgh event said arrests of students of color, LGBTQ youth, homeless students and students with disabilities must stop.

The Pittsburgh police force has gone through a ‘rewhitening.’ Find out what the city is doing to recruit minority officers.

diversity Today, the bureau is predominantly white and male. The agency has struggled for years to become diverse again and mirror the breakdown of the city’s population.

How institutions and society fail Pittsburgh's black girls

diversity Troubling data is revealed in a new report funded by the FISA Foundation and The Heinz Endowments on the unequal struggle facing black girls in the Pittsburgh area.

Despite challenges, Westinghouse student says, "We will show them…"

The achievement gap between black and white students in Pittsburgh Public Schools remains. What are students and district leadership going to do about it?

How Trump's barrage against Muslims has affected my family’s life in the Pittsburgh suburbs

first person A Pittsburgh mother and local Muslim community leader reflects on how the election has affected her life. 

Where are Pittsburgh's safest, most diverse and vibrant neighborhoods?

diversity We went looking for Pittsburgh's most diverse and integrated neighborhoods that also have aspects of what everyone is looking for in a community: safety, good schools and affordability.

What data and residents tell us about Pittsburgh's most and least diverse neighborhoods

diversity How diverse is Pittsburgh, really? We built a map to find out.

We also sent reporters across the city to talk to Pittsburgh residents about diversity in their communities.

35 years later, we take a look at the impact of the desegregation order that created the Woodland Hills School District

diversity A 1981 federal court order aimed at achieving racial desegregation mandated the merger of the General Braddock district with the school districts of Churchill, Edgewood, Swissvale and Turtle Creek. Those students came together to make up Woodland Hills School District. We take a look at the district 35 years later.

Pittsburgh-area schools invested big money in crumb rubber fields. But how safe are they for your kids?

The feds are investigating health concerns surrounding the crumb rubber used in artificial turf fields across the Pittsburgh region and the nation.

This blacksmith’s process can help you understand how the steel industry uses billions of gallons of Pennsylvania water

Environment Steel is the raw stock for much of our lives, including appliances, automobiles, bridges and buildings. So industry needs to produce a lot. And making steel requires a lot of water.

Pennsylvania charges bottled water companies next to nothing to extract from state waters

The state has a history of residents fighting to keep bottled water companies out of their backyards. Only now are legislators starting to consider proposals to charge these big companies more for withdrawing the state's natural resource.

Is Pittsburgh’s land bank operational? City says yes. Residents disagree

Overlooked communities In October, it will have been two and a half years since the Pittsburgh passed legislation to create its own land bank.

But city community groups say there hasn’t been much progress in setting up solid policies or procedures under which a Pittsburgh land bank would operate.

When officials threaten demolition, these people step in to preserve the Pittsburgh region's historic homes

Overlooked communities “Every house has a story,” says Maryann Huk, director of the McKeesport Preservation Society.

And every house has its own remnants of life. Sometimes dishes are left on the table. Food in the refrigerator. And the owners long gone. It’s like an image taken straight from the aftermath of the Great Depression, Huk says.


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