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Why pipeline safety is one of Pennsylvania's next big energy challenges

On the morning of April 29, a natural gas transmission line exploded in a field in Salem Township in Western Pennsylvania. 

Why are our young people taking their own lives?

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people. In Allegheny County, several efforts are ongoing to stem the loss of life through suicide prevention tools.

The state knows where medical errors are harming patients. But it won’t tell you.

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority tracks troubling “events” to help healthcare providers improve, but keeps its data under lock and key.

What's the right amount of time for a birth mother to change her mind about putting her baby up for adoption?

The adoption process in Pennsylvania is being scrutinized for potential updates, but one bill that could halve the time birth mothers have to decide against adoption has been particularly controversial.

Here’s what it’s like to be an abortion clinic escort in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s two abortion clinics make the city a destination for women seeking care, attracting two other groups: abortion protestors and volunteers who guide patients inside.

Should police stop deadly overdoses? Enthusiasm varies.

Part of the project: Heroin: Riding the Rush

As drug deaths climb, police consider if naloxone is a lifesaver or a burden.

A look at why low-income Pennsylvanians rarely reap the benefits of solar energy

While solar energy installations result in long-term savings for those who can afford them, the upfront costs and state restrictions can make the alternative energy source inaccessible for many low-income families.

In Pennsylvania, taxpayers subsidize background checks for gun buyers

Gun advocates want to save money by scrapping the state background check system. Opponents think relying on the feds could reduce public safety.

Taking care of an older relative is hard. Will Pennsylvania’s CARE Act make it easier?

Hospitals and nurses have just under a year to comply with the CARE Act. But even the bill’s proponents recognize this is just the start of what needs to be done to support family caregivers.

The how and why behind Allegheny County’s campaign to move teens out of group homes

The county wants to place the teens with foster families, but it’s difficult to find people willing to accept them because of concerns about their behavior and mental health.

What does the future hold for thousands of laid-off coal miners?

ENVIRONMENT More than 30,000 miner around the country lost their jobs in the past five years.

Find out what’s behind last year’s spike in motorcycle deaths

Almost 180 motorcyclists in Pennsylvania contributed to the 2015 death count.

Pay-to-play rules elude most Pennsylvania municipalities

Communities with a home rule charter can establish campaign contribution limits, among other restrictions.

What does a state attorney general actually do?

Most former PA attorneys general have been criminal prosecutors. But the AG’s office does so much more.

PA is losing OB units, making care for pregnant women tough to reach

Pennsylvania hospitals are shuttering obstetric units amid rising costs and a declining birth rate, leaving some families with long commutes and few options.


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