Graphic: Pittsburgh’s affordable housing shortage

The following graphic represents the 17,241 affordable housing units Pittsburgh needs to provide for all households earning 50 percent of the city's median household income or less. For the full story on Pittsburgh's affordable housing shortage, read our explainer: What you need to know about affordable housing (or lack thereof) in Pittsburgh

Source: Pittsburgh Housing Needs Assessment, Mullin & Lonergan Associates

large red brick building in South Side of Pittsburgh

What you need to know about affordable housing (or lack thereof) in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh seems to rack up “most affordable” and “most livable” rankings the way Meryl Streep racks up Oscar nods. However, the city is rapidly becoming less affordable in terms of housing costs. Rents are rising faster than renters’ income. New developments are outside most Pittsburgh residents’ price range. And the city has fewer income-restricted apartments than people who need them.

Former ambassador to African Union talks Trump, American values on Pitt campus

Reuben Brigety spent three years of his life trying to help African nations develop their own governments. Now, as the retired U.S. ambassador looks at the United States, he’s concerned that the country is at risk of losing its values under President Donald Trump. “This great experiment we have is not guaranteed to stay forever,” Brigety warned a group of about 25 people during a Wednesday lecture at the University Club in Oakland. To keep the experiment in democracy and freedom alive, Brigety suggested an agenda of political activism, community engagement and faith in other Americans. Brigety, who lives in Washington, D.C., represented the United States at the African Union from 2013 to 2015, and has held other positions within the Department of State.