How to check safety records for rides in Pennsylvania amusement parks

A fun day in the sun turned to inexplicable horror on Sunday when a freckled 10-year-old boy who loved soccer was decapitated on the world’s largest water slide in Kansas City.

In Pennsylvania, state law requires that rides be inspected at least every 30 days by state-certified inspectors at amusement and water parks and each time rides are set up at carnivals and fairs.


When your child struggles with mental illness, you have to wait weeks for mental health services in Pennsylvania. Here’s why.

Living with a child who suffers from mental illness can be like living in a minefield.

Each day brings with it the possibility of an explosion. Refusing to go to school. Uncontrollable crying and screaming. Violence toward family members. A threat or attempt of suicide. And what if you couldn't get medical treatment for your child for weeks?