Minimum-wage debate heats up in Pennsylvania

Many believe the minimum wage hasn’t kept up with the times, and movements to raise it are being led by grassroots groups and governments in communities across the nation. In June, Los Angeles became the biggest city in the country to raise its minimum wage to $15 by 2020.

Nineteen U.S. cities and counties experienced mandated wage increases this year; 29 states and Washington, D.C., already require employers to pay workers more than $7.25.

Pennsylvania isn’t part of this group – yet.

Minimum-wage proposals in Pennsylvania Legislature

The future of each bill is in the hands of committees whose members can vote to either table a bill, accept it as is, make amendments or defeat it altogether. If accepted, a bill would then be considered and voted on by the Senate and the House. Finally, it would land on the governor’s desk. The House is scheduled to reconvene Aug. 25, and the Senate on Sept.

How to get involved in adaptive sports

Bryan McCormick, an athlete who competes in cycling and rowing, recently participated in an Adaptive Sports Expo in Pittsburgh. Bryan has been paralyzed from his ribcage down since he was injured in a skiing accident 14 years ago.

A silent community speaks out about communications technology

This story has been updated Her voice and hands sapped by ALS, Mount Lebanon resident Mara Sweterlitsch uses a speech-generating device to write and print out questions for her next doctor’s appointment.

Jennifer Lowe, a 46-year-old Brighton Heights woman with cerebral palsy, handles email and phone calls through her communication device to work as an education consultant for students with disabilities.