Shootings in Garfield dampen the community’s rejuvenation

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In the first six months of 2017, Garfield surpassed all Pittsburgh neighborhoods in shootings. The neighborhood shows promise, drawing lively crowds to Penn Avenue, but only blocks away, parts of the neighborhood are pocked by abandoned lots, crumbling sidewalks and occasional gunfire. In early June, Pittsburgh’s Zone 5 Police Commander Jason Lando said recent shootings didn’t seem like a significant spike compared to the previous year. Police statistics, however, show that by June 2 Garfield had already surpassed the shootings total for all of 2016, which includes a combination of fatal, non-fatal shootings and shootings without injury.

These districts fought the school-to-prison pipeline. Can Pittsburgh learn their lessons?

Can Pittsburgh educators stop the churn of students through the school-to-prison pipeline? As other districts embrace sweeping changes, Pittsburgh Public Schools is betting the future on slower, more modest reform. Take Broward County, the Florida county that used to rank No. 1 at sending students to their state’s juvenile justice system. The stats troubled Broward County leaders, and they responded with a bold solution: Lower arrests by not making arrests.