How can we undo institutional racism? Pittsburgh youth gathered in Homewood to take it on

After a recent family gathering, Jaiya Correll-Greene sat down to watch the Disney Channel with her younger cousin. The characters in the show were planning a party and one asked: “What will the theme of the party be?”

“Brown,” one of the other characters replied. “Because no one looks good in brown.”

Correll-Greene was struck. When she was a kid at camp, other kids had made fun of her dark skin. Why would anyone say that brown was ugly — clothes, skin or otherwise?

Public transit in the Pittsburgh area is at risk for ‘drastic’ cuts under state budget proposal

A plan introduced Wednesday to balance the state budget threatens a significant amount of funding to the Allegheny County Port Authority and could result in its public transit system having to cut operations by up to half. A proposed cut of $80 million to the agency could mean cuts twice as deep as what the agency sustained several years ago when it was left with a $35 million deficit. Port Authority Spokesman Adam Brandolph said the 2011 and 2012 cuts in state funding and the resulting deficit caused the agency to eliminate 29 bus routes, close the Harmar garage and lay off 200 employees. “These [cuts] would be similar if not much worse,” he said. “We would anticipate these cuts to be just as drastic if not twice as drastic.”

Proposed cuts to various pots of state money — including funds that are allocated to public transit — were the Republican lawmakers’ way of proposing a balanced state budget more than two months after the deadline has passed.