Is certification for community health workers a good idea?

By Halle Stockton | PublicSource | April 23, 2015

One day about five years ago, Sharine Eliza was working as a medical assistant in Camden, N.J., when she was warned about the next patient.

He was difficult, and always exasperated with the doctor. He wouldn’t take his medications and he frequently ended up in the emergency room because of it. The 72-year-old man was receiving hospice care, but he continued to smoke cigarettes and drink a 12-pack of beer every day.

Photo: Speakers at the policy summit on Wednesday included (from left): Jill Feldstein, director of the Penn Center for Community Health Workers; Sharine Eliza, a community health worker with the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers; and Jason Turi, associate clinic director at the Camden Coalition. (Courtesy of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation)

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